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Princess Briana

Love this Book! The illustrations and story are great! My daughter loves reading this book and I would recommend it for all little girls, regardless of their race or culture.

Ms. Warren

Princess Briana

Awesome Book! This book is not your ordinary princess fairy tale. My children enjoyed the diversity that this book offers . It has a great message behind it and is encouraging to children of all ages and races that they do not have to they typical size 0 model with blonde hair and blue eyes to embrace their own beauty. It also teaches children to be themselves and love themselves. I would recommend this book a thousand times over. Thanks.

T. Anderson

Just Like Me Series

“Every household in America should have a the Just Like Me Series. I am 42 years old and I learned a lot of new information about African American history”

T. Golden Wisconsin

Just Like Me Series

“The Just Like Me History Coloring Books foster positive images of African Americans and fill a need that is not currently done through traditional history books.”

V. Logan New Jersey
Buy 1 book for $14.99 get the 2nd one Free

Just Like Me, Inc. creates books, half-hour cartoons, and animated movies featuring characters of color that appeal to audiences around the world.

Yaba Baker Book signing


Yaba Baker

Yaba Baker is an author, an award-winning script writer, and a public speaker. The Just Like Me Books, his black history activity books have received media attention from BET, Channel 9 News, The Washington Post, Upscale Magazine, five nationally syndicated radio shows, and over 70 media publications from around the country.

Yaba has followed-up his successful book series with Princess Briana, Breaking the Mental Chains of Black Teenagers and his soon to be released book about a 12-year-old boy who becomes a superhero named Super CJ coming out in April 2020.

Buy 1 book for $14.99 get the 2nd one Free

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