About Us


Just Like Me, Inc. creates books, half-hour cartoons, and animated movies featuring characters of color that captivate children and adults on every continent. The entire family will enjoy the creativity and experience the wonders within The World of Just Like Me.


Representation Matters!!

Black psychologists have said for decades that black children’s self-esteem is directly connected to how they see themselves through the lens of history and fictional representations of themselves in media (books, TV, and movies).  Dr. BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya said,  “African-American children as early as three years old discover that being white has its advantages.  They quickly incorporate the notion that being Black is a negative trait, while being White is a positive one.  For example, children learn that Devil’s food cake is dark, but Angel’s food cake is white; magic is good unless it becomes black magic, and then it becomes evil; and even a lie is acceptable if it is a white lie.”

Our mission is to provide positive representations from black history to black fictional characters in media that destroy these negative stereotypes. By creating fun entertaining products that teach black children verified scientific discoveries from ancient Africa to African American inventions, we provide historical materials to aid in building positive self-esteem instead of reinforcing negative stereotypes. By also creating black superheroes, black princesses, and black action heroes we create positive representations of black characters in media that destroy the idea that being Black is a negative trait.

What We Have Already Done

Just Like Me, Inc. first published the black history activity books entitled the Just Like Me Series in 1996. The Series has received media attention from BET, CBS Affiliate Channel 9 News in Washington DC, The Washington Post, Upscale Magazine, five nationally syndicated radio shows, and many other media publications from around the country. The fourth book published after the successful Just Like Me Series was Princess Briana.

Princess Briana is a classic princess character in the same mode as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with a 21st-century twist. Yaba Baker’s movie script based on the Princess Briana character placed 2nd runner-up in the Hollywood Black Film Festival while the book received rave reviews on Amazon.com and a book tour to several major cities in the US.