“The Just Like Me Coloring Books foster positive images of African Americans and fill a need that is not currently done through traditional history books.”

V. Logan / New Jersey

“Every household in America should have a set of Just Like Me Coloring Books. I am 42 years old and I learned a lot of new information about African American history.”

T. Golden / Wisconsin

“My Godchildren go to sleep with those books. They bring them to school and to the baby-sitter. They especially love the book of careers. It definitely helps them dream BIG.”

S. Davis / New York

“Two of my children are 12 and 13 years old, but when my oldest daughter showed them the books, they were excited to learn so many things about Africa and African Americans.  The inventions book is my son’s favorite, He loves to look at the patents in the back and figure out how the inventions work.  Thank you so much, they were never taught these things in school.”

J. Ramos / California

“We took the whole day going through the Just Like Me Books and WOW!! Just WOW!! My 11-year-old son has a learning disability and he says “he can’t” a lot and focuses on becoming a construction worker. I showed him the books and pointed out all the things African Americans have invented and told him he can do anything. He feels better about himself now and doesn’t say I can’t as much. Thank you! Thank you!”

A. Myers / Connecticut

“These African American Children’s books (Just Like Me) are very enlightening and quite informative. My daughter is only 3 years old but I still read these books to her. The reason I’m writing is to show great appreciation for all the hard work and dedication that must have went into creating these products. Thank you!!!”

T. Johnson / Florida

I read your book entitled “Just Like Me – How African American Inventions Changed America.” I did not know so many African Americans had invented so many things that make such a big difference in our everyday lives. I was so shocked to find out that African Americans invented so many of our things that I use every day and that other people use throughout the world.

Mr. Baker, your books prove that there are a lot of great things in this world that Black people can do.  As an African American, I can make my family proud of me like the African American inventors made us proud of them. Thank you for inspiring me with this book. I look forward to reading the other ones.

T. Leggett / Wash, DC

Reading this book really helped me to understand more about myself. When I read about all of these Black people who invented all of these important things that we need every day, I know that I can do better than I am doing in school. Now, when I use inventions such as the refrigerator, the light bulb, and the gas mask, I think about the fact that my ancestors invented these things and how proud it makes me feel. 

I think it is important for African American children to know about their history and the important contributions that African American made in our society because [it] will make them feel good about themselves and proud to be who they are.

T. Wallace / Wash, DC

When your book was first given to me, I thought it was just going to be just another boring book about civilizations with a lot of boring years and dates. But your book wasn’t boring at all because it was about my real history. It was all about my people for a change. Your book was so inspiring and enlightening.

It taught me that young Black people need to know more about our background and history. Your book has shown me to be proud of my roots and ancestors. Although I am inspired by Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, we need to hear about other Black people that are never talked about in school. Thank you for writing this book.”

A. Hubbard / Wash, DC