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Meet Remmi Smith!

This pint-sized 14-year-old powerhouse has two cooking shows that reach an audience of 3.5 million students. Remmi’s Italian salad dressing is sold at Whole Foods Market and other specialty stores. 

Cook Time with Remmi is a health-based cooking show hosted by talented 14-year-old Remmi Smith. Remmi’s objective is to get kids excited about cooking and to link the skill of cooking to improved nutrition. Her first 13 week series “The Culinary Kid” was a partnership with Oklahoma State University Culinary Arts Program.

Remmi is currently the “National Student Ambassador for Health and Wellness” for Sodexo. She has filmed 3 series for Sodexo and her videos air on multiple platforms including schools across America in front of 3.5 million students. Remmi recently published her first cookbook “Global Cooking for Kids” which has won a Gold Addy Award. 

Her salads are sold at local stores and fitness centers. She is a national speaker for Sodexo and travels for 3 of their divisions: Education, Wellness, and Leisure. Remmi is a national speaker for Independent Youth who has also partnered with Google and Facebook where she has made appearances at their headquarters.

Remmi is the only teen mentor for Thrive15, an international online edutainment university promoting entrepreneurship. Named one of “Top 20 to Watch” by The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility(FAAR). Remmi is amongst a group of national business leaders, Congressmen, Olympians, and elite athletes. She writes monthly columns for Amazing Kids, Edible Magazine, FAAR, and Sodexo.  

Article courtesy of FoodyTV 

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