A great story for ALL children, especially young girls

This was one of the best new princess stories I have read. I purchased it for my daughter (2) to have in her book collection. I read the story and immediately wanted to purchase books for every little girl that I knew.

The story is well written, great moral, and deals with sensitive issues like “what is beauty” in a wonderful way. It takes a sensitative topic and deals with it issue with grace, the way I would hope my daughter could grow to deal with such an issue.

D.A.J / Amazon.com

Princess Briana Review

Every young girl and older women should read this book to know that we should love ourselves and not try to conform to how someone else feel. Be yourself and follow your own dreams.

Sylvia Vann / Amazon.com

An excellent princess book!

I bought this book for my 4 year old daughter. I wanted her to see a princess with the same color skin as her. It was even better than I imagined. Not only was the princess in this book an example of diversity in the “princess world”, but her tale is one of being proud to be who you are and look how you look in the face of a different definition of beauty. Great book to lay the foundation for self-confidence in every young woman.

C. Hilton / Amazon.com

Awesome Book!

This book is not your ordinary princess fairy tale. My children enjoyed the diversity that this book offers. It has a great message behind it and is encouraging to children of all ages and races that they do not have to they typical size 0 model with blonde hair and blue eyes to embrace their own beauty. It also teaches children to be themselves and love themselves. I would recommend this book a thousand times over. Thanks.

T. Anderson / Amazon.com

This book was excellent in showing my daughter how to always be yourself

This book tells my daughter that beauty doesn’t only come in one color. We have a lot of Disney movies but all the princesses are white and the Tiana movie, Tiana is mainly a frog for 45 minutes of the movie. This book was excellent at showing my daughter to always be herself.

Shawana / Amazon.com

Love this Book!

The illustrations and story are great! My daughter loves reading this book and I would recommend it for all little girls, regardless of their race or culture.

Ms. Warren / Amazon.com

Princess Briana Review

I can’t say enough about this book. It’s a wonderful way to begin a conversation with children or adults about the power we give to others to determine our self-worth. And this is just one aspect of the book. I keep a supply on hand for gifts.

L. Hughes / Amazon.com

A Must Read!

A lovely story. A must read for all girls, especially girls of color.

Catrise Paige / Amazon.com

Great for your little princess!!

I love reading this book to my girls. It has a message of positive self-esteem that is lacking in most children’s book.

Rhkrys / Amazon.com

Empowering Story

This is a wonderful book that will empower young black girls. This is all a book that will show girls from other races the beauty of those from different backgrounds. This book provides a way to display beauty in a positive way, unlike fashion magazines.

Elizabeth Jones / Amazon.com

Loved, Loved, LOVED this book!

This book has been on my “list of books for my future children” since I discovered it because it seemed to address issues that I’d want to get into with them, beginning when they are young. In the meantime, I just ordered a copy for my niece.

Naturally, I read it first to decide if it was worthy of her and to my surprise, this book went well above and beyond what I was hoping for! This is EXACTLY the level of quality “edutainment” that our children NEED AND DESERVE! This is a story for EVERYONE-not just us, while at the same time, it’s DEFINITELY OUR story!

The writer executed the message honestly and VERY skillfully and this book is extremely powerful visually as well. Anyone with a sense of TRUE Afrikan history will notice the subtleties and it’s beautiful to see in a children’s book! I hope the author publishes more books about Briana. I will spread the word about this book because it is a beautiful contribution to society! Do yourself a favor and BUY IT!

Bruce Ervin / Amazon.com


This book was amazing. It covered everything. Great job. I would highly recommend this book to all cultural backgrounds. Keep it up.

EJ / Amazon.com