Get 3 books for the price of 1! The Just Like Me Series is a combination of three different books designed to make learning black history a fun activity.  The Just Like Me Series has received media attention from the CBS News affiliate in Washington DC, BET, five nationally syndicated radio shows, and over 60 other media outlets from around the country for the success the series has had with inspiring children.

Black History did not start with slavery! Ancient Africans created math (including geometry and trigonometry), the first 365-day calendar, and the Washington Monument is a duplicate of an Ancient African monument. Africans were taken from their country as slaves but still find a way to overcome slavery and create world-changing inventions like the gas mask, the first practical working light bulb, the traffic light, and many others.

The Just Like Me Series takes children on a fun journey through time to learn about all the great things Black people created. The book series takes the next step with a book on careers. Children learn how to turn their hobbies into rewarding careers.