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    The Just Like Me Series is a combination of three different books designed to make learning black history a fun activity. The Just Like Me Series has received media attention from the CBS News affiliate in Washington DC, BET, The Washington Post, five nationally syndicated radio shows, and over 60 other media outlets from around the country for the success the series has had with inspiring children.

    The Just Like Me Series is an exciting journey through time from the beginning of scientific discoveries like mathematics and architecture to the gas mask that now saves millions of lives every year. The Just Like Me Series also has a bonus section about how children’s favorite hobbies can turn into rewarding future careers. Here is one of the success stories from our customer,

    S. King in Maryland. “I purchased the Just Like Me Series for my nephew. At first, I thought he wouldn’t enjoy them, seeing as how they are educational in nature. Boy, was I wrong!! Not only did he enjoy them, but he also became excited about learning more about black history. The Just Like Me Series is the perfect way to educate our children using their own creativity and curiosity.”

    J. Ramos in California had this to say, “Two of my children are 12 and 13 years old, but when my oldest daughter showed them the Just Like Me Series, they were excited to learn so many things about Africa and African Americans. The inventions section is my son’s favorite, He loves to look at the patents in the back and figure out how the inventions work. Thank you so much, they were never taught these things in school.”

    The Just Like Me Series has proven to inspire African American children to read and it also helps raise their self-esteem. All the facts contained in the Just Like Me Series have been gathered from reputable sources like the US Patent Office, The Washington Post, and Newsweek.

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